Anybody tried the Yinhe Pro 05?

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Any comments on how the Pro 05 compares to the others?
Yinhe Pro 05 is like my brother's Harimoto ALC. In comparison to my friend's DHS Hurricane Long 5, also not mutch different, Long 5 is bit harder and stiffer. Yinhe Pro 05 is very spinny blade, the best spin in my blade collection. Speed is same as Pro 01. Plays well with euro tensor and chinese tacky rubbers.
Yinhe Pro 01 is just like Viscaria, not to hard, not crazy fast.
Yinhe V14Pro, same as Pro 01, but little harder and faster, with shorter dwell time, something like Timo Boll Alc.
Yinhe V16 is a hard, very fast blade with very high sound. Because of limba outer wood, dwell time is acceptable.
My favorite blade is Yinhe Pro 01, and then Pro 05.
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Mar 2023
Does anyone else have this blade? I'm thinking of buying either this blade or fang bo carbon (1st gen). I'm also open for recommendations and advice. I enjoy playing close to table with blocking, pushing and slow/spinny opening loops. I rarely ever go far from the table and prefer to finish the point within first 3 strokes with a precise placement. Having previously played with Yinhe V14 Pro with Vega Pro FH and Rakza 7 BH I can say that I enjoyed blocking and pushing with this setup but looping would often times go over the table so I guess this setup is a bit fast for me and not quite spinny enough.