Anyone have tried boost Yasaka rubbers?

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Today i got two used Yasaka Rakza X on max thickness, they ared previously cutted on a shakehand blade and the edges who are in the sides of the logo are a little small to my penhold blade (because have more square form) so im planning to boost them just to have no much problems stretching manually. I not saw too much info of how Yasaka rubbers react with booster (tbh i only saw a guy on a brazilian forum saying mark v not reacted) anyone have tried before on Rakzas?
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I put 2 layers of seamoon on my Rakza 7 and my Fastarc G1 and found that the Rakza didn't react much to the booster. The topsheet of the Rakza 7 is too rigid and you can hardly feel the difference on the foam.
You risk especially to change the angle of rejection of the rubber.

did you think the fact they use natural rubber on the topsheet have influence on this?

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Dec 2021

It's possible, there are too many parameters to take into account and the booster itself is a bit mysterious... I discussed it with friends and if you really want to boost an ESN rubber use Falco but it's a bit stupid when you see all the choice available. If you want softer, faster, more dynamic or more flexible, it exists without having to boost.