Anyone tried Hurricane 9?

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says 😊
Jun 2017
I just noticed a table tennis shop right around the corner from my apartment. I'm not sure how I missed it. They have Hurricane 9 Blue and Green for sale at a reasonable price. What could I expect from these rubbers? Are they slow like unboosted Hurricane 3? Do they require boosting? I couldn't find a whole lot of info about these online. Anyone try them yet?
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Sep 2013
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Blue one uses 22# sponge, same sponge as the H3 blue sponges. Top sheet isn't as grippy, so the rubber feels more bouncy.

Green one use the 80# sponge, same as H8-80, but to me, the H9 80# sponges are very brittle, and tear way too easily.

I don't like the topsheet, I don't like both sponges.
They are faster than unboosted H3, they don't need boosting.
I wold rather go with H8-80 than H9-22/H9-80.
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