Are rubbers in China cheaper? Will importing them be worth it?

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Apr 2024
I saw the Chinese market about table tennis rubbers (Taobao), and the DHS brand is cheaper, but the European brands like XIOM, TIBHAR, YASAKA are much cheaper than the US or European ones. Are these rubbers fake or is there just some explanation for this price?
And if they are real, it is worth importing them to use or resell.
The seller on Taobao has a good rating and considerable sales. There are blades, shoes, clothes and glue.
Same seller in the taobao, and cssbuy.

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The European rubbers use to be more expensive than in Europe from what I recall. I would never buy something from this shop. I'd say that you'll get some bad 1$ rubber in a fancy packing :)
Same experience from aliexpress. Usually i can go by 10 euros cheaper with chinese rubbers on AliExpress than my own market. But around 10-20 euros more expensive than my market with esn, xiom and so on.
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Apr 2023
If you want to buy them and use them, sounds fine with me.

If you want to buy them and resell them, then it is not worth the trouble.

The prices you see are not much different than TT11 with 30% bulk discount and I will always buy from TT11 in a heart beat because of their speed of delivery and customer service.