Asia Pacific Master Games 2023 Jeonbuk Korea

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Jan 2016
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According to the site, it is governed by the IMGA (international masters games association) whose current president is former pole vault champion Sergey Bubka.

「Asia-Pacific Masters Games 2023 Jeonbuk Korea」 (APMG) is comparable to the Olympics, and everyone from all over the world can participate in the international multi-sport event regardless of gender, age, race, religion or status.
I didn't know about this competition. According to their HP, it's meant to be an Olympic-like event for fans around the world. This is the 2nd edition, the 1st having taken place in Malaysia in 2018 before the Covid. There are events in 29 sports including TT. Contrary to what its name might suggest, everyone (or almost...) can participate.

indeed, you must still be over 30 years old, and the age categories are by decade.

There are 2 categories, A (for former international and national players) and B open to all. there is a team event: 2 to 4 players allowed, with a formula: A v X, B v Y, doubles, A v Y, B v X

there are also singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Registrations will close on January 31st