Ask ITTF President Thomas Weikert a question!


says New website is LIVE!! Hope you all like it 🔥


says New website is LIVE!! Hope you all like it 🔥
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Aug 2010
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Hey guys,

Over the next week ill be in Budapest for the World Championships, if anyone is around lets hang out and say hi!

I will be doing a podcast with ITTF president Thomas Weikert, so any questions you would like me to ask him, fire away in the comments. I will do my best to ask him all your questions.

Let me know of some good questions guys!

Thanks! :)
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Feb 2018
YES! Dan, PLEASE mention something about the availability of livestreams, lackluster video qualtity, and video angle. Please don't shy away from appearing critical, you are the only person who has the power to speak on the behalf of us fans.
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Jan 2012

[size=+2]Dear Mr. President

I would ask for your personal assistance to contact to Mr.Paul Schiltz, the ITTF EQ chair person. We've now got a proper, affordable solution of how could we detect illegal rubber treatments whether by players, suppliers or anybody else.

Hereby, I propound that ITTF should give a thorough try to the novelty scientific gadget of LinkSquare NIR pocket-size spectrometer.
This mighty scientifical tool of spectrometer-analyzer could tell you instantly if the rubber/sponge has been given some post-approval chemical treatment, through doing direct comparison between the rubber sample and ITTF Rubber Database.

We expect much success about this spectrometric control of the illegal rubber treatment.[/size]

Yours sincerely.
Igor Novick, national tt umpire

Some demo-video of the device in question/
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Nov 2017
Why always so negative? Sure the default camera angle/distance + resolution + framerate is not ideal. Sometimes you hardly see the ball and all the spin you can just guess.
But I think we saw some light with T2 and now recently the live stream of Marvellous 12 on ITTF was also pretty rad.

Just consider our sport would grow to footballish size and broadcasters or states would have to spent actual money to buy the rights to show televised content which in balance needs to be flood with advertising (beer wouldn't fit - so throw in some EJ clips?) - and imagine the fees rise to Bundesliga or FIFA heights: you'll not only get the corruption, but antitrust divisions may rule it's not fair if broadcast rights end up in one hand thus splitting them over different public or pay TV channels making it unfeasible to watch it, even if you are willing to pay like 26€ per month.

Just to give you some other negative perspective to ponder on;)
(Seriously though: Isn't it a big luck that the "perfect" medium size of our sport gives us access to so much free content?)