Aurus prime vs EL-S

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Ahma, you will probably find an online shop in Finland that sells Stratus Power Wood and also the Stiga blades Yogi suggested. Maybe you can ask your coach or your parents for help. The SPW is one of the most popular Tibhar blades and sold everywhere. I think the EL-S rubbers are a good idea if you want to have more control. It's fun playing with them, they are very spinny. I have tried a sheet on my backhand.

I think I’ll go for the Akkad and el-s combo. I think it will be a little slower but with more spin and control. 🙂


I think I’ll go for the Akkad and el-s combo. I think it will be a little slower but with more spin and control. 🙂

The Akkad with ELS is not slower than Offensive S with ELS.

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Oct 2020
Hello all. What about Rozena on Akkad?

Hi Ahma,
All the combos you've suggested are 'good'. In other words, they're all good quality equipment and will play well in the right hands.
The issue isn't whether or not the combos are inherently good, it's whether or not they suit your style of play and current skill level.
From what you've said, your number 1 priority is to work on your control without sacrificing too much speed or spin.
Now, the issue is that there always has to be a sacrifice somewhere. So, if you want a higher-control combo then you have to accept that there will be at least some sacrifice of speed or spin.
With all that in mind, and given that you're currently playing with the Xiom Offensive S, a change to the Tibhar Akkad is a move in the wrong direction. The Akkad is an excellent blade, but it's not inherently a higher-control blade than the Xiom Offensive S.
So, if greater control is your number 1 priority, then what makes most sense is to either stick with the Offensive S blade and choose some slower/easier rubbers, or shift to a good allround blade and keep the rubbers you have - or both (ie. shift to an allround blade and choose some easier rubbers).
Good allround blades are plenty: Xiom Allround S; Stiga Allround Classic; Andro Novacell ALL/S; and plenty others.
Easier rubbers are likewise plenty: Tibhar Evo ELS or FXS; Xiom Vega Euro/Asia DF; DHS Hurricane Neo 3 (the basic one); etc...
The Akkad with Rozena rubbers is a good combo, and in the right hands could serve well up to a very competitive level. That's not the issue; the issue is whether or not it meets your current needs. From what you've said it doesn't sound like the right fit for you right now; but you might try it and love it - in which case we'll all be delighted for you!
It's difficult for us to give you good advice - not having seen you play - but I think most folks on this forum would agree that it's not going to hurt a player's development to spend a little longer with a good quality 'allround' setup, whereas it might well hamper their development to move to more aggressive equipment too soon.
Hope that helps.

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OMG. Thank you all for the information. Specially you Manto76! My playing style is really close to Vladimir Samsonov. I will plan my setup more in the future. But thank you so much! And IB66 I don’t have footage of me playing. Sorry. Now I’m really thinking about Xiom allround S with mxp on both sides...
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says toooooo much choice!!
says toooooo much choice!!
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Jul 2020
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Equipment choice is a real minefield!! There’s so much choice, so much info available, so many PERSONAL opinions ( guilty on my part as I like to try rubbers and post reviews!!) good SCIENTIFIC evaluations are virtually non existent!!
What I get from your posts in this thread is uncertainty and maybe some confusion, which is to be expected considering the barrage of info etc available!!!

The real ‘proof of the pudding’ is actually using said equipment, which is in its self problematic!!

If other players have equipment that you are interested in, then ask if you can try it out, maybe just try their set up regardless of what it is, then you can gain some experience, and any experience is a good thing. You could find that what you ‘perceive’ as a ‘lesser’ set up is actually BETTER for how you play and your ability.
You could find a set up you really like and will have saved yourself the unnecessary cost of buying and not liking what you bought!!
Of course this may not be viable, in which case reviews, manufacturers blurb, and forums can assist.

How we think of ‘control’ (and from the original post more control was what you were hoping to get by changing rubbers) is usually misleading, we blame the equipment!! Rather than ourselves!!
rubbers do have certain characteristics but these characteristics are only evident when we pick up a bat and use it !!
Choice of equipment can assist us, make up a little for our lack of ability to adapt. Be ‘more forgiving’

So if you want more control, in general terms, a less spin sensitive rubber, or a slower rubber, slower blade etc should help with control. Compromise is usually needed though.

Bear in mind that many rubbers are pretty similar, differences can be marginal at best!!

As Manto 76 said, an All round blade is a good starting point.
1 of the coaches I know uses a defensive blade with FXS on it, he can spin the ball off the table, drive the ball past you in the blink of any eye, control placement of the ball etc etc

His equipment helps, but at the end of the day it’s his skill level and ability that is the really decisive factor!!!