Aurus Prime

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Apr 2014
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5 out of 5 rating for Aurus Prime

High-spin rubber with excellent feeling on impact, gives the impression of prolonged ball contact. Excels in open topspin game, but due to the stiff topsheet demands good timing. Less forgiving than Evolution MX-P with the same nominal sponge hardness. Feels harder, too. Good for short game, linear characteristic, medium catapult. Tested on Carbon and all wood, worked with both.

Concept of max+ thickness sponge works well with the new topsheet. Would be vary of stiff topsheet on thinner sponges, but may appeal to users of previous regular Aurus.
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Mar 2014
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5 out of 5 rating for Aurus Prime

Right from the get-go, it became obvious that Aurus Prime is a fast rubber with a very prominent catapult, which makes it feel even faster than Tibhar’s Evolution MX-P. The feeling on FH drives is very direct and almost speed-glue like, with plenty of power reserves for play from mid-distance and beyond. The rubber feels like a ~48 degree rubber on these shots. Medium paced FH loops have medium-high trajectories with plenty of clearance over the net and land deep in your opponents’ territory. On one or two occasions, I hit through the sponge against heavy backspin balls, which resulted in uncontrolled ball trajectories, but the control on loops and loop-drives is - all in all - excellent. The rubber does most of the work of the work for you, allowing you to use compact strokes. See our full Tibhar Aurus Prime review here.