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Apr 2014
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4 out of 5 rating for Aurus Select

Ok, so the headline is provocative, but Aurus Select comes at least 10 Euros cheaper than Rozena over here and basically gives you the same.

It is a medium-hard, easy to play rubber with above average spin, not too fast, perfect for close to the table variable offensive game and enough power for casual away from the table counter topspins.

In max+ thickness its sponge (though 45 degrees) and topsheet (softer than that of Aurus Prime) give you the overall impression of a soft rubber, which I thought a tad too much. I guess the 2.1 version will work even better (and one can only imagine how an andro Rasanter R37 soft rubber may feel with an ultramax sponge ...)

Neither Prime nor Select are third ball attack rubbers, Prime gives tons of spin on opening shots and power in open game, while Select enables consistent "on the table" shots with good quality. A "killer" rubber it is not, but if your game relies on quality shots and placement, you might want to give it a try.
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Mar 2014
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5 out of 5 rating for Aurus Select

Aurus Select shares many of the characteristics of Aurus Prime but is slightly slower, less spinny, and easier to control. It gives a direct feeling and prominent sound on FH drives but with a less pronounced catapult. FH loops have a medium-high arc over the net but dip down faster than with Aurus Prime due to the lower inherent speed of the rubber. In general, I felt that I had more control on loop-drives than with Aurus Prime, but they also seemed to be less spinny. FH-to-FH topspin rallies from mid-distance were fun to play, but Aurus Select does not have the power reserves of Aurus Prime to allow for effective play from beyond mid-distance without significant effort. Occasionally, I had difficulties getting the bat angle right on FH loops against very high backspin, with the ball going long (rather than into the net). Read our full Tibhar Aurus Select Review.