Azalea All Around

4 out of 5 rating for Azalea All Around

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Plies: 5 (limba-ayous-ayous-ayous-limba)
Weight: 87 grams
Thickness: 5.86mm
Speed: ALL+ to Off-

It is a surprisingly superb even with the concept that it is designed for female table tennis players. The blade rated as ALL+ speed but it feels like an OFF- speed blade sometimes because it feels faster than an ALL+ when you are hitting with it. The Azalea ALL has enough speed to produce above average power shots. This was designed to have a very good feel but at the same time not as slow as the Stiga All Around Classic blade or the Stiga Evolution All Around blade. Imagine if you combine the characteristics of the 2 blades and make it a notch or 2 faster, then you would get the Azalea All Around. The difference between this and the Offensive version – it has the ayous as 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] and 4[SUP]th[/SUP] layers instead of spruce which makes the the blade a bit softer and slower than the Azalea Offensive.
This is a blade you not only can start to develop your skills but also the blade will not disappoint you in terms of performance as I will be explaining more. In my opinion, if the Azalea Offensive blade can totally replace the Offensive Classic and Offensive Classic CR versions, then the Azalea All Around can replace the Evolution all around and the All Around Classic. The 2 Azalea blades are surprisingly offer more than what they have in looks which is to replace the blades they are representing on their specific class.

The best feature of Azalea All- Around is the feel or ball-hand feedback. The A-ALL has a medium soft feeling with minimal vibrations and it does not vibrate much compared to the All Around Classic. It also does not feel hard but feels medium to medium soft when hitting or driving the ball. The Azalea All Around is one great looping machine and it loops better than any off- down to the all around blades in Stiga. The Azalea Offensive is already an awesome looping blade but the All Around version is even better if it is just slow looping where your focus is more on brushing the ball that produces a slow but very spinny ball. The rubbers used were Hurricane 3 and Mantra H for the test and even with the Mantra H being a very fast rubber, you can still brush the ball properly and gives you enough "dwell" when you are looping the ball. This is the blade you can grow your skills especially with spinny the ball at late point of contact. Of all the blades Stiga has produced this is the best blade they have right now for spinny loops and also seem to have the best feel (arguably). It has a medium to high arc when looping, I think the Azalea Offensive version has somewhat a higher throw than the All Around version but the All Around version also has a profound arc when you are spinning the ball that is essential in clearing the net especially with players learning how to brush the ball properly and looping the ball against underspin or backspin.
Doing smashing and driving are all above average and it is quite understandable since this blade is not made for speed but more on control and development of skills but blocking is excellent as the great amount of control makes you feel more confident on your defensive shots. If you are a long pips user, this blade is good enough to learn the use of long pips or even as an advanced type of player you can either attack with long pips or even chop with it. It is good enough to chop using long pips but needs to have an OX version for a chopping LP for better control.
The Azalea All Around is a great blade to start with if you are a beginner and an excellent blade to use even if you are on an advanced level if you use faster rubbers like Mantra H or Calibra LT Plus. This seems to be one of the best all around blades in the market right now with good quality and feel.