Back again hopefully for better decisions

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Hi all,

I am back again after i played few of my friends who are generally same my level but less experience, so i was like having lots of fun with them learning and practice to understand more, not advanced or high level at all, but for fun anything is possible.

1. Well, i am still waiting to find the best alternatives to Tenergy rubbers, i was using old unboxed T80 on both sides, the rubbers lost its performance no doubt and i can't reply on them, the blade is insane, my forehand improved magically with it, but backhand is still too much, when i tried another blades less fast with softer spoges or softer rubbers such as Rakza 7 soft my backhand shines again, so i feel like i want a rubber for backhand that is somewhere like T05FX or Rakza 7 soft, while for forehand i really really wish to know which DHS Hurricane rubber i was using on one blade i have [that is stolen or lost now :-( ], i bought it used so i don't know which model of H3 it was, but really my top spin and even some loops were amazing, i liked it from far table, so if you can recommend me some cheaper rubbers for my Long 5X please do, Tenergy is expensive and i am no longer planning to buy them again anymore over and over.

2. This month i started to play with a racket i stolen from one club i was coaching for 1 month before i leave it, they have three rackets, one of them has long pips, now i defeated three players with it, a new player and the old player i used to play with and another player in a club who i don't win much over him, not easily, now with that i felt like my defensive style is what made me winning more than my offensive style, but this racket isn't mine, and the forehand is like bad, i win 3 points but i lose like 6 with it, so i try not use my forehand much which force me to stay with BH and defense style more, but the racket overall was like a great weapon, so i want to mimic it, which long pips can you recommend [OX]? i bought Fastarc G-1 to be my forehand as a first try, the rubber on that racket of the club is Stiga Cailbra LT Spin, didn't like it, the rubber of long pips is Yasaka Phantom OO12 i believe, the blade is Yasaka Max Wood, the control is nice but forehand is lost and not effective, how can you recommend me something similar with better quality or performance or balance between control and speed?

3. My other blade which is DHS Hao III is not in use by me at all, but my old friend is always borrowing it from me to play against me, she is really doing amazing with it over the other blade she bought from me, when i play defensive blades she is suffering, but when i play with something like Long 5X and almost dead rubbers i can't defeat her easily maybe not at all, the 5X is much better blade but the rubbers made it like a s..., and her style kind of making a dead rubber better with her, she played my Hao III blade which has not dead Rakza 7 soft on backhand and dead rubber of T05 on forehand, but maybe she switched so she play with Rakza on FH and T05 on BH, i want to replace that T05 also so the racket is back to life, i will use it for training more because it has really unbelievable control and enough speed, so recommend a forehand rubber.

4. I tried Tibhar MX-P on two blades, and with both i wasn't happy with the rubber, and just yesterday i was talking with good player who told me that those fast or hard rubbers are not good for players like our levels until we go with thinner sponges, if we go with Max or something like 2.1mm thickness it won't make it better, because those needs lots of hard work with arms and body, so i kinda believe him, but i was so happy with T05 which is also thick, but something about that MX-P i didn't like, in fact that DHS Hurricane H3 surprisingly even as a used was way much much better, so don't recommend me MX-P for any blade i will use, definitely won't use it on any of my DHS blades.

5. I have Nittaku Ma Long 7 blade i bought it for fun but never tested, still in the box, can i use this blade for anything away from OFF++? Say for my defensive style as an alternative to the club blade Max Wood with say yesterday bought rubbers Butterfly Feint OX and Fastarc G-1? If the blade is not good for anything much neither offensive nor defensive even for al round then i will sell it and get something else.

So, what i want to do is resurrecting my blades and add one as a defensive main racket, my two DHS blades will never go away, almost all people agreed they are the best i have, just needs rubbers to be changed anyway, and with my new move to defensive style i feel like i have to add one to my collection, i have more other blades and rubbers but i feel like i won't focus on them, 2-3 rackets are enough, i bought many in the past as i was testing until i found what i need with DHS, i sold 2 rackets anyway, but i still have plenty, and i am now deciding to stay playing with those friends as i have fun, i don't like to go to clubs where players are playing in daily basis so their levels are all higher and i don't have chance to play enough, crowded always, and i will not take training as i am not dedicated to table tennis in my life, but playing with those few friends is full of fun that i can keep enjoying with them time to time, for me that is more important than playing for win and lose challenges, not trying to impress anyone with my collection, i do know others who have much more than what i have and they still getting more and they play a lot and better levels, so it is only about fun then, i can give more details later if you need, and i will update all the time if i have something in my playing, every year something new to learn or changes.