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Hurricane 3 is not suited for the backhand IMO. Genius is more controllable than T05 for the backhand. T05 only makes sense if you spin loop absolutely everything from the backhand side. Otherwise, it's a waste of money. Even the pros mostly use T64 instead of T05 on the backhand side.

I'd agree.

Hurricane 3 is horrible on the backhand.

Tenergy 05 would be my preference out of the 3 you've listed - But I use Tenergy 64 as I find it better for blocking!
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I would personally go with tenergy 05, it's really the best overall rubber and has fantastic feeling, it's actually what most pros use, you rarely see pro players using tenergy 64. But don't worry about what pro players are using, try to use what suits you best

Ii I'm not mistaken, at some point both Ma Long and ZJK were using T64 on their backhands
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You can use H3 Neo on the backhand if you're willing to give up some speed for spin. You'll have to use good forearm snap in your stroke but it is doable, your pushes and flicks will be pretty nasty. But you may give up a little in open rallies. If you loop, block, and drive more than push and flick with the backhand then a less tacky rubber is more suitable, but if you use your BH more to control the game and open up opportunities then H3N isn't a bad idea at all.
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It really depends on your goal/style at your BH area. If you do mainly blocks soft rubber are better. However if looping is you game, harder and grippier are definitely better. Genius would be best if you mostly perform blocks at your BH, T05 would be best at loops and T64 would lie somewhere between. The hurricane is a chinese rubber, which performs very differently from other rubbers. You will need almost perfect strokes to finely brush the ball at contact.

I am currently using an Acuda P2 2.0 on my BH side, and its been perfect for blocking, punching and looping 3rd balls. However it does not perform too well on BH drives or mid-distance loops.