Balsa Fibretec 75

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5 out of 5 rating for Balsa Fibretec 75

It's a light 5ply offensive blade. Tibhar does a good job as usual, sanded handle, sanded head, and is real looker with a nice emblem and a gold tag. I used MX-P and T05 when I tested it.
5ply Abachi-fibreglass(fibre layer)-balsa-fibreglass(fibre layer)-Abachi
Thickness: According to Tibhar the core is 7.5mm is pretty thick, will measure this tomorrow as well.
Weight: 72g (manufacturer details 70-75), I got a 2nd one in 68g.
Speed: OFF (squarely off but it's top gear is around OFF+)
Feel: It has a soft feel in general and still has this soft feel even on hard impact shots.
Gears: Has many gears, it's fast when you hit hard and feels good on touch play.

Control: Very easy to control MX-P on this blade and it feels great. Though control is relative, my friends have also said that it has immense control. That's the first thing that came to their mind and is the defining characteristic of this blade. I can vary placement of my shots easily as well as the speed.

Conclusion: The MX-P felt really good on both wings. With immense spin and speed yet with a lot of control. MX-P blocks well and loops underspin well on this blade. The T-05 didn't perform as well as the MX-P imho. If you like a light,blade with a soft feel and with immense control then this is for you. This blade would be good for Controlled Offense or Allround Attackers. Would also be good for those who would like a light setup when using Modern Tensors in Max on both sides.