Baracuda VS the other products in the Acuda series

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Sep 2012
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for similar characteristics to Baracuda, you are better off looking for other similar gen rubbers with harder sponge (as opposed to newer gen rubbers from Donic).

So, Yasaka Rakza 7, and perhaps, Nittaku Fastarc G1 might be good substitutes for Baracuda-like characteristics with a harder sponge (as you desire).

Baracuda is a good rubber. It is much better than good when boosted.
says Thank you for the great info! I really appreciate it!!!
says Thank you for the great info! I really appreciate it!!!
Jul 2019
I think Baracuda is still the spinniest Donic rubber. I do not think even the Bluestorm can match its spin.
Hi yogi_bear, do you mind to write short review about Baracuda? Is it sensitive to incoming spin? Is it better for forehand or backhand? Even though it's older and slower rubber, do you think it still can compete with newer offering ( like Rhyzers and such, which are much faster of course but what about spin and control? Maybe for less then advanced players?). Thanks!
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Oct 2016
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baracuda is boosted when you purchase new from shop
high throw
perfect spin,
4-5 degree softer than 05
dont have tension technology so if you play a lot next rubber will be mushy because sponge- sheet is old gluing technology.
spin sensitive, good grip when new
I think they change somethin in rubber (boost) and rubber is softer because I had one sheet in 16'
and rubber was harder
baracuda- S1 is ok when you want to change
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Oct 2015
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barracuda nothing like it ?

I'm thinking about purchasing a new rubber for my forehand. I currently use Barracuda and am pleased with the spin. I want a rubber with a harder sponge but the same/extremely similar topsheet. I was thinking Acuda S1 turbo but don't know how similar it is to Barracuda.
barracuda is what l am using on a robot , not played people with it .but am trying rasanter 47 . joola rhymer 48 and omega asia 7 too, so good test conditions all are bought quite used rubbers for robot tests . barracuda is easy favourite ,, great brush loop highest throw yet tried only tenergy 05 is close on high throw but its high throw bounces long 05 is faster by miles so are all the other rubbers . but the other new tech thin top sheet rubbers but all have low throw feel spongy and bouncey. for me barracudas high throw close to the table .l miss much less with it .not tried acudas they all are low throw .. [ is there another high throw rubber non chinese like 05 .. revspin .com site says no ] only with barracuda or 05 can one loop under spin .fore and backhand with dead closed bat and banana flick easily .. so if can cope with low throw . most other newer rubbers will be faster but consistency is more important and that spin is the best ever ...