Barda or SDC 486

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Jan 2021
This is the blade that Sergio offered because it turned out slower than expected.
My fortune and a misfortune to the original client.


Barda is the common name for a type of ax mostly used for battle but also doubling for woodworking. This type has the a sharp end pointing downward at the end of the head.

The name barda means beard in old Norse language and it comes from that the head looks like half a beard (or a mustache).
This type later turned into the "halberd" (The same Weapon but with a long shaft an a pointy end on top).

The axe was the primary weapon for a Viking since it was much cheaper to make than a sword and it could be used for many tasks.


The specs:
Hinoki 1.06mm/WRC 2mm/Hinoki 1.06mm/WRC 2.0mm/Hinoki 1.06mm (7,2 mm) hide glue

Hinoki / WRC / Hinoki / WRC / Hinoki
- 91.8g
- 7.2mm
- 157x150mm
- FL (100x35x25-23.5mm)
- 1313Hz
- Balance: 2.2cm (Low/Very Low)
Handle Wenge

I first dressed it with Rakza 7, because I had some available. Compare to Mjölnir with Mark V HPS it was much faster with a high arch and to get used to this I needed to learn how to hit the ball with the racket more closed, so to not spoil my current technique I skipped this and put the rack aside. So I continued to play with Mjölnir, then appeared a Butterfly sale on Tenergy rubbers in my area and I took the plunge and immediately regretted it.
Now I was sitting here with a bunch of Tenergy 05 and Tenergy 05 FX. I must do something with them. So I was thinking and it strikes me that maybe a Tenergy 05 FX would be faster but having a little lower arch and thus not having to change my angle of attack that much.
So I dressed Barda with Tenergy 05 FX 1.7-1.9 mm. And how it worked, Barda is a a bit faster than Mjölnir now but not too bad. The angle of attack is very similar, but I get tons of more spin wow, I think for me this is a match in heaven. I had to adjust my angle of attack to slightly more closed racket but not too bad, I really like this combo.

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Dec 2011
One man's garbage is another man's treasure 🙂. Not that this blade was garbage, it just wasn't the rocket launcher he was hoping for. I'm glad you are making good use of it.
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