Bayern München FC vs Ding Ning & Wang Hao!

Football Club Bayern München are currently on a team tour in China and of course being in China they had to play some table tennis! On this occasion the football champions on no other than the Chinese National table tennis team!

Football players Thomas Müller and Philipp Lahm faced Ding Ning, Wang Hao and head coach Liu Guoliang!

So who were the real champions? Find out in the match below!

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Oct 2010
Photos shared by Ding Ning's official facebook page:




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May 2015
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They actually play pretty good I'm impressed !

That's kinda what i thought :)

It's really interesting how high level sportsmen can adapt to other sports so quick.

A friend of mine is pretty sure that e.g. LeBron James would take a timeout from Basketball like Michael Jordan did and would pick up tabletennis he could play on a high level pretty soon.

I first wasn't sure if i could agree to that, but after seeing this, i'm not so sure about my first thought anymore....
Maybe i should place a bet on that... :)
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says Spin and more spin.
says Spin and more spin.
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Dec 2010
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Could be football players. I played a guy who was on the USA team that played in the world cup in 2014 and he obviously had no training whatsoever, but he had serves that were funny, but really spinny and he adapted to the way I kept changing spin on him really well. The guy was a total natural.
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