Beginner looking for paddle recommendations

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Jul 2022
Hi everyone,
I'm a recreational player, and until this year I never played more than a few times each year, so I'm not that good. For the past several months though, a lot of people at the office have been playing ping pong, and it's really competitive.
Most of us use a set of JP Winlook paddles the company bought off Amazon. Using that paddle and 38mm balls, I had a really good backspin serve that everyone had trouble with. But then we switched to 40+ balls and the serve is no longer effective. So I guess I need a paddle with more tackiness.
One guy recently decided to get his own paddle - a Joola SpinForce 300. I used to be competitive with him, but the new paddle improved his game significantly. He destroys me every time we play now. He seems to generate a ton of spin effortlessly. I might consider that paddle, but the reviews say it falls apart quickly.
What is my playing style? I've developed a reputation as being a really good defensive player, as I stand back and run around and am able to return a lot of my opponents' attacks. Most of my shots are pushes, and I want to work on my chop too. Recently though I've been trying to be more aggressive and attack more. I've also been having some elbow pain, so perhaps a lighter paddle would be better?
Which best table tennis paddle would you recommend for me? Also it'd probably be best if I can find a shop that can do the assembling for me.
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