Best anti to try out

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So I checked Butterfly Anti and it was as expensive as Dignics wtf...

What are some better antis to try to use? I can basically play all of the LP like inverted shots like sideswipe, strawberry, chiquita, chopblock, short push, loop, counter.

I saw some ppl using some sort of toxic green anti?

So I already win a shit ton of points with my FH serves, I just need better serve receive against illegal serves lol, and I can't be bothered to watch all the minute details like a hawk.

It would be fun to use this to troll ppl.
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Jul 2017
I have played with super anti, best anti, anti power, megablock and buffalo. The first 3 are japanese antis and they do have some friction. Super Anti is probably the slickest of of the Japanese antis. Megablock and Buffalo are Gernem almost fricitonless antis. Their top sheets are brittle and hard. For maximum "spin reversal" you what to play with one of the German almost frictionless antis.

However, to get started I recommend playing with one of the Japanese anti in about 1.5 thickness.

I didn't like the frictionless German antis. I felt like I couldn't do anything with them. Right now, I have Yasaka Anti Power 1.5mm mounted on a Dr Neubauer Matador blade and Rakza 7 2mm in the FH.
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Oct 2018
One of the players in the club has a TTR-Killer from DMS. It's a fast and a bit bouncy anti for aggressive play. I tried it and I can attack with it. It makes the ball wobble too so it's nasty.
The high speed wobbly knuckle balls are difficult to deal with.

The biggest problem with DMS is that their products are expensive, ~40-50EUR otherwise it's a great anti. It's easier to learn to use than LP or SP.
says Fair Play first
says Fair Play first
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Jan 2012