Best Penhold Backhand Rubber

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Dec 2011
I have tried the following:

LKT Red Diamond
Palio Thors
Butterfly Sriver G3 FX
Donic Acuda S1 Turbo
Butterfly Tenergy 05 FX

Of these, the first 2 were arguably mistakes. Particularly Red Diamond which did very little as it lacked the bounce and speed you ideally want from a PH BH rubber since you will want to punch block the majority of the time. Thors wasn't bad per se because it did have tremendous spin when you got your technique right but it was too unforgiving.

Sriver G3 FX was a nice rubber particularly further from the table and if you can loop well. However, if you want a bit more speed then the next two rubbers are better.

Acuda S1 Turbo is fantastic for close to the table attacking but is less potent on blocking and has offers less spin than the Butterfly rubbers. Having said that this is definitely my favourite of the 3 because it is the easiest to control even when you're hitting hard.

Tenergy 05 FX is the very similar to Acuda S1 Turbo except it has a much higher throw angle which I have yet to get accustomed to. There is gives slightly more spin and it is slightly slower but at such a high price I would expect more from Butterfly.
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Sep 2011
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If you want something cheap boost some sheets of Sriver or Chinese rubbers like Outlaw or 729-5. They are great on the BH. LKT XP is a softer rubber, but with an extremely high throw and when you use booster it is quite fast.

If you're looking into the higher price ranges and depending on what type of BH rubber you prefer (i.e. soft to hard) you could try any of the Adidas line R3, R5, P3, P5, P7, Tenzone and Tenzone SF. The Joola rubber coming out in the U.S. called Rhyzm is fantastic. I personally have it on the BH of my shakehand, but have tried it with Cpen as well.