Best Rubber for Offensive Player

Very difficult to say, as it is a matter of personal feeling and preferences and depends on many factors.
Statistically T05 is the God of rubbers.
But is the best for you?
Generally, if we speak of Butterfly as a basic comparison, the softer versions will be better for blocking and the harder ones will better for looping. If your blocking is more passive, T64 would be a better choise, if your blocking tends to active, T80 should be better.
For looping T05 should be the best, but for the offensive play it will depend on other factors like the way you implement spin, spin-speed ratio of your style, length of drive and time of dwell you prefer. If you are a brusher T05 will be better, if you like mechanical spin more T05fx may prove better, if you have a longer drive T80 may be a better choice.
If you are an offensive player, but you have some good chopping techniques, it will depend on your chopping style. T05 will be better for slices, T80 will provide a little bit higher trajectory, T64 will have the highest and slowest deffensive throw.
But this is generally speaking about Butterfly family.
Other brands have rubbers with mixed characteristics and you can't transfer the above mentioned blindly on them.
For me the best offensive rubber is Xiom Omega V Asia /for now/.

regarding FH-BH - you have to consider the above mentioned depending on your wings specifics.
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What is the best Rubber in each category? like for BH, FH, For Blocking, For Looping, ETC?

For BH loops: Butterfly Super Anti. Immensely deceptive, many gears.

For FH smashes: Stiga Liner. Very spin-insensitive, extreme hardness offers boundless speed.

For FH loops: The Michelin Pilos A/S+ offers unparallelled grip, and high stability.

Pushes and chops: With Bosch SB3R080 and some torque added, their offense is worn down in a matter of seconds.

Blocks: Quikrete, for impenetrable and unpassable blocks.
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