Best TT balls for training

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Jan 2019
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I’ve tried Sanwei 1 star, Donic 1 star and 2 star, Neottec Neoplast Pro, and some random brand from Amazon. And the best ones of the bunch is Donic 1 star. Sanwei 1 star after a few months becomes smooth and brittle, Neottec is supposedly produced in the same factory as Nittaku 3 star balls, just different branding, and they do feel similar, but they also have the same problem as well, they become smooth after a while, though they don’t become brittle like the Sanwei balls. Donic 1 star stays grippy even after a few years of use, and they are still going strong, only just started to see a few starting to break. Donic 2 star isn’t much different than the 1 star, but cost a bit more, I don’t see a reason to buy those instead.