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I have developed my blocking to a point of where it is consistent but i'm curious on the ball placement and how i would place the ball on a different part of the table. If this confusing let me give u a example.

I'm on the left side of the table and blocking incoming topspin from the right side of the table on the other side and returning it back to the same place.
How would i change the trajectory of the ball if i wanted to block the ball on the left side of my opponent to start my counterattack?
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There's basically two ways to approach this:
1) Turn your body
2) Use your wrist

As the use of the wrist for this kind of shot can cause injuries over time unless you happen to have a above average flexible and strong wrist I would recommend using the 1) method.
Basically you turn your upper body in the direction you want the ball to go. This forces a different angle on the ball so it will go on a different trajectory.

Another thing you could do is a spide-spin block. This is not the easiest shot to play, but can have a very strong effect on the flow of the rally. You hold your racket like you do when you would play a block, but move it to the side very fast on the point of impact. This gives the ball a sidespin which turns the ball away from the table.
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Sounds like opponent is attacking cross court (stepping around his BH) to your BH.

The natural thing to do is block it right back where it came from, but that is where opponent is ready.

As a variation, you block it same direction but into his body. A fast block there usually is point over or leads to it.

LIke DDF2 sez, you can use your arm and wrist angle to make the ball go to opponent's FH line (helps to let the ball come a little closer to you) or you can twist / rotate your waist counter clockwise before and at impact to guide the ball there.

The earlier you impact the ball, the more control your block will have.
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are you talking about backhand or forehand block? i find it easier to do variations on the backhand side.

you can do kenta's side spin block

waldner's side swipe on 5:29:

the chop block as demonstrated by chen qi on 6:65 - 7:05

...i recommend you practice just changing the placement with maybe a bit of sidespin, and also vary the tempo. most people just block actively with a little forward motion, try taking the pace off the ball by closing the bat some more instead of moving it forward, this should produce a slower block with a bit of topspin.
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