Bluefire JP 01 Turbo

says Visited my own profile, woop woop. ;)
says Visited my own profile, woop woop. ;)
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Nov 2014
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5 out of 5 rating for Bluefire JP 01 Turbo

This is my first review so bare with me, I've used this rubber for a few months now (on a hurricane Hao III - Pen) I believe it's suited better on a bit harder blades. I use it for my fore hand (black version, 2.00 mm). On close to the table I believe it's doing very good, but when flicking close to net I needed a bit time getting used to it, often flicked it a bit too low. (aka needs a nice touch on flicks)
Before I used this I had a go with Tenergy 80 (for a short while), comparing to the 80 it's more forgiving, and it's throw angle was for my preference better than the tenergy 80's (which had a bit higher throw angle.) Another thing that I find very usefull, but is the second, among the two things that might take some time to master, is the catapult/trajectory arc on harder shots, when you do a hard topspin punch you can feel the rubber bouncing it out with boosted speed. (which is the catapult efect, more speed compared to other rubbers without the so called "catapult" effect) which is imo a powerful weapon when you learn to control it, because several of my harder shots went just too far at the start, but got the hang of it after a while. Despite the speed maybe not being optimal (according to some people) I don't think you need more speed than what the catapult effect gives. Any faster would be too fast for my taste.
Aside from those two things I'd say the rubber is pretty much Perfect. And hey, the sponge is blue, fancy that?

Edit: At the time i wrote this, I meant everything I wrote, but after trying Adidas Tenzone Ultra, I'd say the rebound time in Jp-01 Turbo is a bit of a con. Read the Tenzone Ultra review for more info.
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Aug 2015
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5 out of 5 rating for Bluefire JP 01 Turbo

I am happy to have this rubber (Bluefire JP 01 Turbo), the speed is good, spin and control is amazing. The weight is good, I think the rubber is very good on the forehand side.
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5 out of 5 rating for Bluefire JP 01 Turbo

I use this rubber for more than a year now on my FH. On BH I'm still using softer rubber (M3), but after some time I'll switch to JP01Turbo aswell. First I'm not that equipment freak that thinks that blade and rubber should do everything for you. I think technique is always first. If you have proper technique - you could play almost any manufacturer rubber. I've tried a lot of them (tenergy, evolution, bluefire, airoc, maxxx, rhyzm), didn't had any problems with either of them, but I use bluefire because I can get them for best possible price. I played with tenergy for quite some time also, but don't find something much better in it than bluefire rubbers.

As for these JP01Turbos - lots of players plays with them in my country, nobody have any problems with it. What I would exclude - it's controll. Controll with this rubber is really good as for 47.5 hardness rubber. Maybe it's because it's a little bit slower (if you compare to tenergy 05), but not much, speed is still more than enough to finish the point, but as I said you have superb controll. I even can't think of any cons for it.

Weight in max is same as for any 47.5 hardness rubber - about 50g cut (depends on your blade size)

So if you like 47.5 hardness rubbers - try it, it's really good.