Bluestorm Z1

says Hi there Tompa8888, Thank you for asking my opinion. It...
says Hi there Tompa8888, Thank you for asking my opinion. It...
Mar 2015
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5 out of 5 rating for Bluestorm Z1

Hi All! Since there is little information on this rubber, I will share my initial impressions with you, based on some hours of playtime. These new ultramax series rubbers are the next generaion of rubbers that are truly ment for poly balls. Long time have I seen those flight curves of the balls, reminds me of the old days of celluloid balls. This Bluestorm Z1 is the next big step, which has a 47,5 degree sponge (similar to JP series) a non tacky surface. The first impressions which amazed me: easy to attack close to the table, easy to counterloop and dropshot. The rubber is very fast and requires precise timing with good technique. To be honest I recommend this monster to those, who are playing an all out attack and are experienced players. Recreational, hobby, and mediocre players cannot tame this rubber. If you want to simply describe this rubber, I would say that this gives more speed and aggressiveness than T05, it feels a bit harder, but revards more. The feeling is similar to JP01. I would say that Z1 exceeds T05. For a controlled solution please try Z2, which resembles the bluefire M1, a bit faster and same sponge.
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5 out of 5 rating for Bluestorm Z1

After many months of playing with Stiga's Pro Carbon paddle in the beginning of my TT career, I had out grown the pre-made paddle stage. I did a ton of research and decided on a nice carbon blade w/ Donic Bluefire M1 rubbers. They were fantastic! After adjusting to the M1's, I was ready for another step up (and very curious) so I tried the Z1's. They respond very much like the M1's in trajectory only with much more speed w/max sponge. In fact, this rubber produces more speed than any other rubber that I have tried, and I have used many varieties of TT rubbers. Control is surprisingly good but, beware on blocks, while blocking incoming shots, since this rubber is very bouncy, you may find the ball flying right off the table if your bat is not positioned properly. With extended use of this rubber, blocking and pushes will become easier and you will adapt to it's feel. Flicks are a breeze and can be ultra fast.
As for spin, my game is centered around it and if you have good to great form, your serves will produce fantastic spin with this rubber. In summary, this rubber is 47.5 degrees, has a relatively flat trajectory and produces good to great amounts of spin. Control is relatively easy with minimal practice to get used to it's bouncy nature. Lastly, this rubber has better durability than it's predecessor, the M1. Great tensor rubber. Go buy it! Donic Bluestorm Z1 is my fave of among all other rubbers.
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Feb 2018
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4 out of 5 rating for Bluestorm Z1

I love the sound when I spin the ball very fast. After softer rubber(Donic Bluestorm Z2), balls are going to the net. Rubber requires more brush, quicker bat swinging when contacting the ball. If you start to do lazy spins, you won't get any good result.
To gain more arm speed on spin I started to workout with lightest resistance band by swinging my arm like spin motion.

One week after edit: I got used to speed and hardness. Maybe it's because of booster vaporization. It is very hard to smash high balls or fast topspin away from table with soft sponge. It just doesn't act what I estimate. But hard sponge sweeps away all the uncertainties.

Profile: As club level players say, my topspins are powerful and spinny, strokes are good enough to play at league but my footwork is not enough yet and definitely because of not having enough match experience, I am bad at reading game. Sometimes its like keep pushing running button continuously at Pro Evolution Soccer
says ESN 42 hardness is my magic number
says ESN 42 hardness is my magic number
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Mar 2021
Bringing up a dead old thread...

I have just bought a piece of Donic Bluestorm Z1 and Donic Acuda S1 Turbo each on 04.04.23 from Shopee coz I'll be sorry with myself if I don't take up those mouth-watering discount vouchers.

Also I am feelin' like him:
OIP (1).jpg

in this

crash & burn baby!

This month, 15.04.23 I'll be playing in a inter-club friendly. It would be a good time to test it. No pressure, win lose, I still get free beer, chicken curry and rice / fries.
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