Boost TC

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Oct 2010
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4 out of 5 rating for Boost TC

I use Boost TC on the backhand side and find it excellent for spinning balls against backspin. It gives me the great control I need to place the ball down the line or playing cross court. The softness of the rubber allows me to take the ball early from a heavy top spin ball countering with great control. I love the noise of the rubber, it makes me realise when I contact the ball in the sweetspot. I haven't rated this rubber as 5 star because it does not give me the same amount of power of the table as a Tenergy would. This rubber is more suited for close to the table around the net stuff.
3 out of 5 rating for Boost TC

Overall this is a rubber suited for player who like flat hitting and punch block due to the low arc.

Speed is fast, spin is there, but due to the low arc I dont find this rubber suitable for people who like spinning. Fast drive punching shot is preferred more on this rubber.
Sponge hardness is medium, I find it really easy blocking using this rubber. Especially for punching slow spiny topspin.

I use it on the backhand, when I first tried it the ball often goes to the net due to the low arc, but after a while I can get used to it, but still I dont like low arc rubber :p
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3 out of 5 rating for Boost TC

This is an unique rubber, one of a kind. It was one of the first rubbers with built-in glue effect, so everyone in Sweden tried it. It has great sound, kind of low arc, not so much spin, but a lot of feeling. It is difficult to describe, since there are no other similar rubbers that I'm aware of. It is also very difficult to get good backspin with on service receives. Time might have made this rubber obsolete, but I will always remember it fondly for the sound and loops.
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Apr 2011
Read 12 reviews
3 out of 5 rating for Boost TC

I've played with Boost TC when I started playing TT again after a 14 year gap. I used to play with speed glued Mark V GPS, and when told the speed glue / boosting was not allowed anymore, I tried Boost TC.

The feel was great, and I found this 38 degree hardness rubber to replicate the feel I had with my old Mark V GPS.

The soft sponge really allowed good spin and sufficient speed. Unfortunately, the bounciness is such that you lose a bit of control on short balls.

Also, as this is now an old rubber (one of the best of the first generation tensor though), they do not last very long. The spin potential is great at first (while nowhere near current top rubbers), but dissipates very quickly.

It's not the cheapest (nor the most expensive).

It is a light rubber, with a low to medium throw.

7 years ago, with the celluloid ball, it was a good rubber. It is now an outdated rubber, as others have more speed, more control, more spin, same softness, last longer, and can be found as cheap or cheaper (e.g. Xiom vega europe, Bluefire JP3...).