In the first leg of the DTTL semi final's Düsseldorf had a tough match up against TTC Zugbrucke Grenzau and lost 3-2. On April the 10th in the first leg, Timo Boll and Christian Suss won their first match but then things started to go down hill for them. 3rd player in the team Patrick Baum lost to TTC Zugbrucke Lucjan Blaszczyk. Followed by Timo Boll having a surprised shock loss to Robert Gardos. The score was tied at 2-2, and Baum/Suss lost against Matsudaira/Blaszczyk deuce in the fifth.


János Jakab, Patrick Baum, Timo Boll, Christian Süß, Trainer Danny Heister (Photo by: Verein).

However, the second leg was a whole different outcome and determined Borussia Dusseldorf had other ideas up their sleeve. The first game was Christian Suss vs Matsudaira. Suss maintained his consistancy thorugout the whole match and won 3-1 with scores 17-15, 9-11, 11-16, 11-4. The made the overall score on aggregate 3-3.

The second tie was Borussia Patrick Baum vs Robert Gardos. Buam took of to a flying start going 2-0 up in sets. However, Gardos fought hard and pulled the match back to win 3-2. The scores were 12-10, 11-7, 8-11, 11-13, 10-12. This put the overall score to 4-3 to TTC Zugbrucke Grenzau.

The third match was the superstar himself Timo Boll vs Poland's Lucjan Blaszczyk. Inform Timo Boll was not stopping, he demolished Blaszczyk 3-0 by scores 11-2, 11-4, 11-8. This win for Borussia Dusseldorf made the overall score 4-4.

The last match of the semi final match up was Christian Suss vs Robert Gardos. Robert started of amazingly winning the first end 11-7. However Suss fighting spirit didnt stop and he pulled his way through to win the next 3 sets 11-7, 11-7, 11-7.

This win put Borussia Dusseldorf through to the DTTL final! This win also made it a consecutive third time in a row to reach the final. The DTTL final match up will be Borussia Dusseldorf vs Ochsenhausen who beat Saarbrucken in the semi final match up.

Ochsenhausen Team includes Marcos Freitas, Tiago Apolonia and Seiya Kishikawa. To read the write up of Ochsenhausen's semi final click HERE

The final will be on 20th and 22nd May in Biberach, and 3-5 of June in Dusseldorf.

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