British National Champs - Nottingham

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Jan 2022
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Spent a very enjoyable day this weekend at this event in Nottingham with my son. I was blown away by the quality of play across the board, and in particular how many great upcoming U21 players were making their mark. Of note was Louis Price of the TTD team who played some amazing matches and at one point looked like he might go all the way before meeting a top form Sam Walker in the quarters. Other notables for me were Siraj Shayan, who won the U21 event and also looked very dangerous in the main mens draw (beating Darius Knight) until meeting eventual tournament winner Tom Jarvis also in the quarters. Other shout outs to Andrew Baggaley who never fails but to impress with his speed, agility and tactical nouse and lastly Gabriel Achampong who put together arguably the performance of the tournament in dispatching Sam Mabey in what was just a stunning match. Credit has to go to Sam Walker, who looked like he was nailed on for the championship before losing a close fought match with his doubles partner, the amazing Tom Jarvis.

The doubles was great to watch, particularly Chris Doran and his partner Joe Cope who made it right to the finals, and the ladies singles was great too with some fantastic matches from Charlotte Bardsley, Tin Tin Ho and Maria Tsaptsinos.

The venue was great and easy to view - my only gripe was that having been apparently "sold out" there were large areas of seating left free and much standing room too - all wasted. We'd have loved to go back on the Sunday but as I hadn't bought tickets in advance, we couldn't - also sold out but clearly not looking at the video footage.

Great event and we will be back for sure.
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Oct 2015
Who won the ladies, and the women U21?