Butterfly Hinoki/T5000/Kiri blades

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May 2014
Lately I noticed Timo Boll switched to Primorac Carbon blade and it had good results in the German League. I have been playing mostly with Viscaria for the last couple of years and just turning 50 I realized my quickness is not there anymore. I transitioned to hard and low throw hybrid rubbers and it helped a bit but my setup is getting really heavy. I remembered long time ago loving the feel of the hinoki on my Photino blade so Timo's choice of Primorac Carbon sounded like a good idea.
I purchased a 85gr FL PC paired with my regular hard hybrid rubbers and got some mixed feelings when playing with it. My flat hits are just crazy fast and unreturnable with great control. My serves are suffering a bit but maybe I just need time to adjust. The problem is the opening from slow no spin balls. I mostly get no grip if I go slow or i overshoot when going harder. I know softer rubbers may solve this but I love my hard hybrids and I'm thinking about switching to a Schlager Light what is the same construction just a thinner core so I can get a bit more flex for the opening loop.
I would apreciate any imput and any impressions when playing with similar composition Butterfly blades ( Sardius, Schlager Carbon, Garaldia T5000, Primorac Carbon or Schlager Light)
Also interested in what pros and cons i will have switching to a soft rubber like Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft on both sides vs. Rakza Z EH or Jola Dynariz ZGR or Dignics 09C?