Butterfly Spinart vs Yinhe Big Dipper vs Haifu Blue Whale 2

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Hello TTD!
Just want to know how the Yinhe Big Dipper compares to other hybrid rubbers such as Butterfly Spinart and Haifu Blue Whale 2. Considering the rave reviews about Yinhe Big Dipper, I am considering it as a new FH rubber. However, I don't want to mess up my game anymore so I will consult you guys, comparing it with the Spinart (the one I use now) and Blue Whale 2 (one I've used before).

From the review of sir Tony, it seems that BD is closer to the behaviour of BW2 rather than Spinart.
Is BD really that good?
I am playing with the Ai Fukuhara ZLF PRO which has a ZLF fibre and innerforce construction much like Liu Shiwen, but the Ai Fukuhara ZLF has thicker outer ply.

Thanks! :)