Butterfly Tiago Apolonia ZLC Blade Review!

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Aug 2020
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depends what do u want put on the blade, for me Apolonia is harder so with harder rubbers I need put more effort but with softer rubbers I got more zip.
Passive short game is better with Apolonia maybe because layer is more bouncy, but there is 5-7% difference
In offensive shots without looping control is the same, maybe even higher in layer 5-7 % so you can play better counter shots
more spin with TAZLC 10-15% when you play hard shots but in slow looping, the spin is the same maybe even layer alc has more spin in slow looping, easier to generate this amount of spin,
for me layer alc is better blocking blade.
2 metres away from table, both shining because throw is high.
Apolonia has better quality, but you don't feel this in game
the edges in layer alc are raw and thats all.

Thanks thanks thanks.❤️