Butterfly's "custom" blades for pros.

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Hello, i was scouting the Butterfly Sponser page, a page that allows you to see what Butterfly sponsered players are using, and I found that many players are using a "custom" blade from Butterfly.

First, i thought that a blade had been custom made for them, then I saw that Lee Sangsu was using a "custom" innerfibre ALC. However, in his recent matches, he was using an Ovtcharov ALC. I found this strange as usually Butterfly would just say that he is using an Ovtcharov ALC, just like what they did with Anton Kallberg.

Then, a few anomalies showed up, such as Omar Assar and Chuang Chih-Yuan was said to have "Custom" blades, but they both have thier own blades by Butterfly, so why don't they use those?

And a few like Cheng I Ching have "custom blades" that share a compisition with another Butterfly blade; in this case the Harmito Innerforce SZLC.

What I want to know is why do these players have "custom" blades? Are they going to recieve a personal blade? This would make sense as we saw that Butterfly send samples to players when designing their blade.

Or are they just not wanting the public to know the exact model they are using for various reasons.

Let me know your thoughts on this
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Butterfly can’t keep updating what the pro uses from time to time. Custom blades has been optional from BTY to normal consumers, but that was ruined by ppl ordering a lot of blades and reselling them to a higher prices.

LSS did use a custom blade for a long time. Some kind of Inner ALC structure one with an IF ALC handle and another with an IF ALC.S. He has been EJ’ing a bit trying out the HM IF ALC, PK SK7 and now the OVT IF ALC.

Rumors is saying AK is using one of the custom versions of OVT IF ALC with Viscaria handle.
OA did use a custom blade before he got his signature blade, then switched to HM IF ZLC and now back to his signature blade.

CCY is using a custom blade.

Some of the sponsored pro players gets to pick a custom blade such as Diaz, Gacina, Dang Q, a lot of the Japanese and Chinese Tapei pro players.
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