Can anyone please review my setup?

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Jan 2020
Hi all,

My current setup is:
Blade: Xiom Ignito
FH: Tibhar Genius (max)
BH: Tibhar Evolution MX-S (max)

I recently came to know that it's not recommended to use hard rubbers on a stiff blade. This setup works decently while playing far from the table but I have trouble receiving serves and playing close to the table. Also the "kick" effect that makes the top-spins shot dip does not happen with this setup.

Can anyone recommend which rubbers will go well with Ignito OR which blade will go well with these rubbers - Intention is to produce good speed, high spin and a high kick effect.
says Addicted to Spin!
says Addicted to Spin!
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Nov 2016
It's not that it's not recommended to use hard rubbers on a stiff blade, it's just that it should be reserved to very high level players.

I personally wouldn't use too soft of rubbers on a hard blade either, and prefer medium to medium hard rubbers on a softer blade.

You most likely should change your blade to something that's not too hard but it's impossible to recommend anything remotely concrete to you when we don't know your level, how long you've been playing, how many hours you train per week, what kind of training you do, with a coach or not...