Champions League 2016/2017

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LIVE NOW: Semi Final between Saarbrücken and Gazprom Fakel Orenburg

Live streaming here:

First matches of Champions League will be tomorrow!
Homepage of the event: ETTU
Live stream on, links attached to the matches.
Some links may be broken, but (probably) they will be repaired by ETTU staff.

October 6:

TTC Fakel Gazprom vs. Vaillante Sports Angers 14:00 CET

Eslovs Ai Bordtennis vs. AS Pontoise Cergy 20:00 CET

Borussia Düsseldorf vs. SPG Walter Wels 19:00 CET

October 7:

UMMC vs. KS UNIA AZS AWFiS Gda?sk 16:00 CET

TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen vs. Roskilde Bordtennis BTK61 18:00 CET

Chartres ASTT vs. KST ENERGA - MANEKIN 19:00 CET

Bogoria Grodzisk vs. TTC Ostrava 2016 19:30 CET

FC Saarbrücken vs. G.V. Hennebont T.T. 20:00 CET

Next group matches will be at October 26-28.

[I won't be able to post the results until monday, so someone could be nice and upload them]