Changing long pimples

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Hello guys, new here.

Anyways, I’ve been bugging to get a new long pimples rubber. Right now I’m playing with Victas Curl P1V 0.5mm on a Butterfly Diode V, I’m a modern defender. More like Joo Sae Hyuk. My setup has good control and enough speed to chop further away from the table if I need to. Also my level of playing is good and my coaches say that I’m very consistent. Also my technique is said to be good as well. I use the wrist and move a lot. So I don’t think it’s because of that. But one thing I have realised is that I’m not getting much spin. I’ve searched and read that P1V doesn’t really generate that much spin. So I searched more, and found that some players found the P4V (softer sponge, maybe a little more grippier) to get a lot more spin. So I’ve come here to ask you, should I change to that? I’m also going to change to a thicker sponge if needed (1.0mm). Hope you guys have an answer. Thanks.
says toooooo much choice!!
says toooooo much choice!!
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Jul 2020
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I’m no way an expert on LP’s, but I thought the whole idea behind them is to use the opponents spin. The LP’s should have as frictionless characteristics as currently allowed, this has been reduced in recent years, which means they are very very slightly more grippy.
LP’s don’t generate spin they use existing spin, or that’s what I thought. Try looping a no spin ball with LP’s and ask opponent how loaded the loop was with top spin.
So if you are looking for spin ( some call it spin reversal), but it isn’t, the ball spins in the same direction, but is travelling in the opposite direction. Then you need a LP with a more frictionless characteristic.
If you want to PUT YOUR OWN spin on the ball, then MP’s or SP’s are able to PUT more spin on the ball.
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Aug 2022
Changing rubber will cause at least short term chaos!

probably an ox has more disturbance and is less bouncy, also is probably more fragile and susceptible to pips breaking, although if no hitting this might not be a concern.
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Oct 2016
Try a thin Victas Spectol. Probably more inconsistent with short pimples but easier to create your own spin. Hou Yingchao can become your new idol! :)