Chat GPT in table tennis

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After ChatGPT was start in my country I decided to ask it some question about table tennis
And here is an result:

Q. What rubber will generate more spin in backhand chop: tsp curl p1r 1,4-1,7 mm or TSP Spectol 1,0 mm?
Both the TSP Curl P1R and TSP Spectol rubbers are capable of generating a significant amount of spin in a backhand chop. However, the TSP Curl P1R is typically considered to be a better rubber for generating spin due to its long pips and softer sponge, which allows for more control over the ball's spin and trajectory.

The TSP Curl P1R is designed specifically for players who prefer a defensive style of play and require a rubber that can generate a high amount of spin in their backhand chop. The pips on the TSP Curl P1R are long and soft, allowing the rubber to absorb the ball's spin and then generate its own spin on the return.

On the other hand, the TSP Spectol 1.0 mm rubber is a short pips rubber that is generally considered to be better for blocking and hitting rather than generating spin. While it can still produce some spin, it is typically not as effective as the TSP Curl P1R for generating spin in a backhand chop.

Therefore, if you are looking to generate more spin in your backhand chop, the TSP Curl P1R with a thickness of 1.4-1.7mm would be the better option between the two rubbers you mentioned.
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Q. Do you think moder defence has future in table tennis overall?
Yes, I do believe that modern defense has a future in table tennis. While the sport has evolved to become more focused on attacking and aggressive play, there will always be a place for defenders who can effectively counterattack and use their defensive skills to win points.

In fact, modern defenders like Chen Weixing, Liu Song, and Joo Sae Hyuk have shown that it's possible to compete at the highest levels of the sport with a defensive style. These players have demonstrated exceptional skill, technique, and strategic thinking, and have proven that modern defense can be a highly effective style of play.

Furthermore, the development of new equipment and technology, such as high-quality rubbers and blades, has made it easier for defenders to generate more spin and control on their shots, making the defensive game even more viable.

Overall, while the game of table tennis may continue to evolve, I believe that modern defense will remain an important and viable style of play in the sport.
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Q. And what if size of ball will be increased?
If the size of the ball in table tennis were to be increased, it would likely have a significant impact on the sport, including on modern defense.

Firstly, a larger ball would be slower and have a different trajectory compared to the current size of the ball. This would mean that players would have to adjust their timing and footwork, which could make it more difficult for defenders to make their defensive strokes effectively.

Secondly, a larger ball would likely result in less spin being generated on serves and rallies, which could make it more difficult for defenders to use their spin-based defensive techniques effectively. Defenders would have to rely more on their footwork and placement to keep the ball in play, which could make the defensive game even more challenging.

Overall, while it's impossible to predict exactly how a change in ball size would impact the sport, it's likely that it would have a significant effect on all styles of play, including modern defense. However, it's worth noting that any changes to the rules of the sport are typically made after extensive testing and consideration, so any changes would be carefully considered before being implemented.
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Jul 2017
When all ChatGPT has to go on are manufacturer's propaganda and forum myths, it is easy to see how ChatGPT can be confused. There are few hard facts.
There are formulas for predicting the trajectory of a TT ball given the initial conditions so it is easy to compute how a small change int the ball's mass and radius will affect the trajectory.

I have about 20 years of magazine articles I have written for various engineering/technical magazines. I am thinking of feeding them to ChatGPT and then testing it to see if I can generate a virtual "hard headed engineer"/me.
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Nov 2019
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The probabilistic predictive grain of the LLM-approach in GPT-3 is a surefire way to arrive at bland mediocrity. Expect no outspokenness there, no surprises; just a highly predictable stream of platitudes and commonly parroted (mis)beliefs.

Question: "What are the substances used in table tennis boosters?"
Answer: "... here are some of the most commonly used ingredients:
1. Toluene - Toluene is a solvent that is used to break down the rubber and make it more pliable.
2. Naphtha - Naphtha is another solvent that can be used to soften the rubber.
3. Mineral oil - Mineral oil is used to moisturize the rubber and prevent it from drying out.
4. Benzene - Benzene is a chemical that can help to increase the elasticity of the rubber.
5. Cyclohexane - Cyclohexane is a solvent that can be used to dissolve certain chemicals in the rubber.
6. Dibutyl phthalate - Dibutyl phthalate is a plasticizer that can help to soften and increase the flexibility of the rubber."
Question: "Are you sure? Tuluene ... are all VOCs."
Answer: "I apologize ... bla bla... some common ingredients ... include ethyl acetate, acetone, isopropyl alcohol and butyl acetate... The ITTF has strict rules regarding the use of boosters, including restrictions on the amount of boosters that can be used and the type of boosters that are allowed."

Question: "Do you know the names of popular boosters?"
Answer: "1. Falco Tempo Long... 2. Dianchi Professional Table Tennis Rubber Cleaner and Booster... 3. Butterfly Free Chack... 4. DHS Hurricane 3 Neo National... 5. Nittaku Finezip..."


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Jan 2016

Some things in table tennis are tough, They can really make you huff. Double faults and missed shots, oh what a curse. When you're smashing and you miss, Don't get caught up in all the abyss, Just keep your spirits high and things will reverse. And...

Always look at the bright side of pong, Always look at the spin side of pong.

If your serve goes out of bounds, There's something you haven't found, Just laugh and smile, keep playing, sing along. When you're down and losing points, Don't be a bunch of sad joints, Just bounce back with a whistle, that's the strong. And...

Always look at the bright side of pong, (Come on now) Always look at the right side of pong.

'Cause the game is quite absurd, And defeat's the final word, You must face the net with a bow and a smile. Forget about your mistakes, Give the crowd a show that shakes, Enjoy it, it's your last chance in this trial.

So always look at the bright side of defeat, Just before you admit your last bad beat.

Life's a tricky game indeed, When you're facing a tough speed. Life's a rally, and losses are part of the brew. But remember, it's all a sport, Keep them cheering as you cavort, Just remember that the last laugh is on you. And...

Always look at the bright side of pong, Always look at the right side of pong. (C'mon, players, cheer up) Always look at the bright side of pong, Always look at the bright side of pong.

(Worse things happen on the ping, you know)

Always look at the bright side of pong.

I mean, what do you have to fear? You started as an amateur, it's clear. You'll end up just where you began, it's true. You'll see it's all a match, Keep them cheering with a catchy catch. Just remember, it's a game we all go through. And...

Always look at the bright side of pong, Always look at the right side of pong.

(Nothing comes from giving up, you see)

Cheer up, my fellow paddlers, give us a smile, (Always look at the right side of pong) Here we are, it's the end of the set. By the way, this song's playing in the aisle, (Always look at the right side of pong)

Some of us play for the joy, you bet. (Always look at the right side of pong) Who do you think enjoys this thrill? (Always look at the right side of pong) They won't make their money back, that's my bet. I told them, I said, "Hey, folks, this match can't stand still." (Always look at the right side of pong)
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If you ask tech spec of equipment it will give you wrong values and inconsistent descriptions. Like 40 degree ESN rubber being medium hard and things like these.

ChatGPT is son of this social network generation, that knows about everything as long as they type behind a screen. It's a jack of all trades and a master of none.