China announce additional lineup for 2024 Paris Olympic Games

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Apr 2023
It's a somber day in the history of Chinese table tennis, Wang Manyu is not participating in the singles match.
Yes agree. I feel bad for Wang Manyu but the recent results don't lie. Chen Meng is playing out of her mind right now.

At least Wang Manyu is much younger than Chen Meng. There is no way Chen Meng will be around 4 years from now.

On a side note, I think people were criticizing Fan Zhendong lately. I don't think it is a mental thing or lack of thirst for more glory. I think Fan Zhendong is playing hurt. Some time away from the table coming up will do him good.

Just like Chen Meng the last few years. She must have been nursing some injuries of some sort because her recent play suggests that she has more fuel in her tank.

I remember one athlete said that at the top level, regardless what sport you are playing, be it table tennis, football, basketball, etc. everyone is playing hurt all the time.

I think somewhere along the line, we forgot how much miles those legs of Fan Zhendong and Chen Meng have logged. Hope Fan Zhengon and Chen Meng have good success in this upcoming Olympic!
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Nov 2018
Wang Manyu or Chen Meng for the Olympic singles? For me that would have been an agonising choice, but I don't know how much the Chinese agonised over it! It doesn't really put the Olympics in a good light to deprive a potential (likely) bronze medallist (let's face it, could be a gold-medallist) of the opportunity of competing. In such circumstances the team ethos of the Chinese will be all-important, rejoicing in the success of those preferred to you. Missing out entirely, of course, Lin Gaoyuan, Lin Shidong and Chen Xingtong, all superb players capable of upsetting the best.