China have emerged victorious at the 2015 Asian Championships winning for a 20th time out of a total of 22 championships since 1972! The China line up included Xu Xin, Zhang Jike and Fan Zhendong, in the final the world number 1's faced a strong Japanese side. The Japanese side included Maharu Yoshimura, Koki Niwa and Yuya Oshima. In the women's event China's Ding Ning, Chen Meng and Zhu Yuling defeated Japan's Ai Fukuhara, Ito Mimo and Miu Hirano. Full results and videos below.


China team selfie on the podium!

Men's Team Final - 29th Sep 2015: China vs Japan

Match 1: Xu Xin vs Maharu Yoshimura

After the match Xu Xin commented, "we came prepared for this final, Japan are no strangers they are an excellent team. It is important we tried our best for every point and focussed on each one at a time and forget everything else such as world rankings or past results. I played Maharu Yoshimura earlier in the year and I know his strengths. He will also play for Japan in the 2016 Olympics, I had to have good preparation".

Match 2: Fan Zhendong vs Koki Niwa

Fan Zhendong said after the game, "I am happy I met the required level to defeat Koki Niwa and contribute to the teams win".

Match 3: Zhang Jike vs Yuya Oshima

Zhang Jike expressed after the victory, "I played better than yesterday however my shape has not been so good recently. I am training hard but I need to work on more things. I managed to get the win for team China but I am not 100% happy with my performance just yet".

Women's Team Final - 29th Sep 2015: China vs Japan

Congratulations to team China winning the men's and winning team event at the Asian Champs! China are simply the best team on the planet! For all the latest news, results, videos and to follow all the action from the singles event from the Asian Championships click here. To catch up on all the latest highlighted matches from the world class event visit our Media Library.

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Source: ITTF