says TTD Team vs Pongfinity OUT NOW on our YT Channel
says TTD Team vs Pongfinity OUT NOW on our YT Channel
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Oct 2010
The next platinum World Tour of 2019 begins this week, the prestigious China Open! A huge line up this week with Fan Zhendong entering as the number 1 seed! The line up consists of Harimoto, Xu Xin, Timo Boll, Dimitrij Ovtcharov and many more world class players! Ding Ninig the world number 1 leads the womens singles seeing! Lets get this topic started!

Men's Singles


Fan Zhendong enters the China Open as the no.1 seed - Photo by: ITTF Flickr

01) Fan Zhendong
02) Xu Xin
03) Lin Gaoyuan
04) Tomokazu Harimoto
05) Timo Boll
06) Lee Sangsu
07) Hugo Calderano
08) Koki Niwa
09) Liang Jingkun
10) Jang Woojin
11) Ma Long
12) Dimitrij Ovtcharov
13) Jun Mizutani
14) Wong Chun Ting
15) Liam Pitchford
16) Mattias Falck

Women's Singles


Ding Ning enters the Qatar Open as the no.1 seed - Photo by: ITTF Flickr

01) Ding Ning
02) Zhu Yuling
03) Chen Meng
04) Wang Manyu
05) Liu Shiwen
06) Kasumi Ishikawa
07) Mima Ito
08) Cheng I-Ching
09) Miu Hirano
10) Feng Tianwei
11) Doo Hoi Kem
12) Hitomi Sato
13) Saki Shibata
14) Chen Xingtong
15) Kim Song I
16) Bernadette Szocs

Here we go table tennis World, the first platinum event since the EPIC World Table Tennis Championships!

A fantastic event to follow, be sure to get involved on the TTD discussions.We can use this thread as a means to display all the latest results, videos and news from this spectacular World Tour event! What are your predictions from each event.
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Jun 2015
Prize Money: $400,000
Where: Shenzhen
Table: Double Fish Volant King blue
Ball: DHS***40+ white

Women Singles

Only non Asian seeded in the top 16 is Bernadette Szocs at #16

USA Entries
all males
Kanak Jha
Jinbao Ma
Ye Tian

No females
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Nov 2018
Qualifications Highlights (For Me)

Men's Singles
- Rising stars Kanak Jha and Anton Kallberg will likely end up fighting for the same slot to advance to the main draw, although Stefan Fergerl and Yuto Kizukuri may not let them have their way
- Both left-handers, Chinese Taipei's Lin Yun-ju and China's Wang Chuqin have been touted as future leaders of their respective associations. Who will emerge victorious in their group encounter (if they do meet)?
- The return of Chiang Hung-Chieh (or otherwise known as "Fukuhara Ai's husband" in many tabloid magazines) following a period of inactivity on the international stage
- Can Kenta Matsudaira and Ueda Jin fight their way back to the top brass of the Japanese men's team (currently seems to be Harimoto, Mizutani, Niwa, Oshima & Morizono) seeing that they have been relegated for a while now? Particularly following their premature losses at the recent Thailand Challenge Open.
- The group comprising Jeong Youngsik, Zhao Zihao, Alexander Shibaev and Yoshimura Kazuhiro will probably bring forth the most intense fights.

Women's Singles
- The Rise of Qian Tianyi? Compared to the Japanese team which has the likes of Hina Hayata and Nagasaki Miyu after Kasumi Ishikawa, China does not have any other promising left-handers apart from DN (Sorry Gu Yuting not you I'm afraid).
- We will likely witness three prelude to the highly anticipated Sino-Japanese clashes – Wang Yidi vs Nagasaki Miyu, Sun Yingsha vs Odo Satsuki and Gu Yuting vs Hina Hayata.
- If Li Jie and Ni Xialian are on form, these two veterans will definitely be crossing paths.
- Sun Mingyang who utilises a similar set-up as Ito Mima has been able to benefit (e.g. brought along for WTTC) from the latter's illustrious results of late. Will she be able to seize the chance to prove her worth as an individual player instead of simply a sparring partner?

Men's Doubles
- Nothing really haha

Women's Doubles
- The CNT's Hina Hayata/Ito Mima doppelgänger pairing (left-hander with inverted rubber on both sides + right-hander with short pimples on BH and inverted rubber on FH) Qian Tianyi/Sun Mingyang makes their debut. How far can they go?
- Hamamoto Yui's pairing with Sofia Polcanova possibly symbolises her status as a fully-integrated member of the Austrian national team (previously only enrolled in Singles).
- Newly-crowned world champion Liu Shiwen will be giving XD a rest and picking up the helm for WD once more (which incidentally was what she started with at her first WTTC), pairing GYT for the first time.

Mixed Doubles
- Can FatDing justify their respective WR#1 ranking in the absence of XX/LSW or will XX prove to be unstoppable regardless of who his partner is?
- Can the unusual Ito Mima and Niwa Koki pairing end up creating a synergy that will allow them to scale all the way to the finals?

Just my two-cents.
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