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Mar 2012
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Looks like Li Xiao Xia changed her blade from Ebenholz to Carbonado 145

Flickr ITTF

Fan Zhendong changed back to Tenergy in his backhand

Flickr ITTF
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Thats a full time live job because Chinese players are testing like hell haha :D, you see them a lot with different stuff, but right now it looks like this:

ZJK: Viscaria, H3, T05fx or T64

Ma Long: Long 5, H3/TG3 and T05

FZD: Infinity/Viscaria, H3 and T05

Xu Xin: Intensity, TG2 and H3.50 (national of course)

Yan An: Viscaria, H3 and T05

Zhou Yu: Viscaria, H3 and T64 -> the only one whos playing a orange sponge H3, the rest all blue sponge!

Ma Lin: YEO, TG2 and ???

Wang Hao: Hao something, TG3 and Sriver on Bryce sponge

Can anyone say why the penholders use Skyline and shakehanders use H3?