classic rubbers (sriver, mark v, coppa)

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Jul 2020
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I played with Sriver on BH and tackiness D on FH, my Uncle played with Mark V, but I used to try his set up now and again, from memory Mark V was faster, less control, maybe more spin than Sriver. Never used Coppa.
we were not using speed glue either.
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For Coppa gold and plain:
Speed: Coppa Gold >Mark V> Sriver
Spin: Mark V = Coppa gold > Sriver
Control: Sriver > Mark V > Coppa Gold

But Remember there is Coppa, Coppa JO Platin, Coppa JO Gold, Sriver, Sriver FX, Sriver L, Sriver G3, Sriver G2, Sriver G3 FX, Sriver G2fx, Mark V, Mark V HPS, Mark V M2, Mark V HPS soft and Mark V GPS.