Coach Yoo teaching Korean Auntie to deal with OX LP BH

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Sep 2011
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Coach Yoo is prolly the foremost pimples amateur coach in the entire nation of Korea. His you tube channel has hundreds of pips instructional vids and his Korean club website has double/triple. There are GAZILLIONS of pip players in his Yong-In TTC south of Seoul.

This type of female auntie kinda player makes up a LOT of the typical amateur Korean TT club membership.

Even without subs, you can see what he is trying to get across.
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Jul 2017
You can see she is aware of how the long pips return the ball. Notice she is opening the paddle a little when the ball has backspin and the next ball has top spin so she closes the paddle. This works well until she tried to use her FH. Unfortunately she is just slapping or flat hitting the ball so the ball goes into the net. She needs to start he FH strokes with the paddle being lower when the ball comes back with under spin and wait for the ball to come to her.. She needs more a more upwards stroke on her FH. When playing against LP 0X push blockers, the ball doesn't come back that fast so normally there is plenty of time to get into position and start with the paddle low to make a proper loop. Noobs don't do this so they net the ball like shown in the video. Also, noobs tend to swing FH to met the slow all instead of thinking "wait for it" and letting the ball come to them. Good players know how to loop kill these slow ball. This is one reason why playing with LP 0X will get you past may noobs but you hit a brick wall when playing the better players. The only option is to be able step around and attack conservative returns with the FH or twiddle.

I know. I am guilty of making all the mistakes I mentioned above at one time or other. Now I will practice against LP players when no one else will.