Competition: Win a signature by Ma Long!

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Oct 2010
Harmony China Open 2013 - World Tour Competition

To kick star the Harmony China Open TableTennisDaily are giving away a signed TableTennisDaily leaflet by the number 1 seed Ma Long!

In 2011, we managed to get Ma Long to sign a TableTennisDaily photo after he won the Pro Tour Grand Finals in London. The signature is in orange as this is the only pen we had at the time :) The competition also includes 3x Butterfly 3 star balls used by Ma Long and Zhang Jike during a practice session at the WSA as they prepared for the 2013 WTTC!

Harmony China open 2013 Prize giveaway:

First prize: Ma Long signature + Butterfly 3 star ball used by Ma Long + Zhang Jike
Second prize: Butterfly 3 star ball used by Ma Long + Zhang Jike
Third prize: Butterfly 3 star ball used by Ma Long + Zhang Jike


How to win:

Simply post which Man you think will win the Harmony China Open 2013 - ITTF World Tour in this competition discussion below.

The 'first round' of the Harmony China Open starts on the 16th August 2013, therefore the prize draw will close on the 15th August - 23:59pm GMT. No entries can be made after this date.

Post your answer in this thread below


I think in the Men's event Dimitrij Ovtcharov will win.

Any posts that have been edited will not have an entry as they could have altered their players choice after the first round has commenced.

To have an entry in the competition users must have at least 10 forum posts to their TTD membership name before the winner of the competition is announced after the Men's Singles Final on the 18th August 2013.

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Deadline for entries is Agust 15th 2013 23:59 pm GMT
Note. Entrants can only enter once and where multiple entries are made, only the first will be accepted.

Terms and Conditions:
This competition is subject TableTennisDaily website privacy policy and website terms and conditions.
By entering the competition, you agree to the competition criteria, deadline and winner selection.
TableTennisDaily reserve the right to verify the eligibility of any entrant.
TableTennisDaily reserve the right to disqualify your entry if it is incomplete or there are reasonable grounds to believe that you have breached any of the rules.
Prizes are non-transferable and there are no cash alternatives.
TableTennisDaily will pay for standard delivery of the prize(s) to an address supplied by the winner(s). All other taxes, insurance, transfers and other expenses resulting from the prize are the sole responsibility of the winner.
Prizes will be withdrawn if not claimed within 30 days of announcement.
Prizes will take approximately 15 working days to arrive from the time the prize is accepted and delivery address given.
TableTennisDaily reserve the right to alter, amend or close the competition as necessary.
In the case of any disputes regarding these rules, the decision of TableTennisDaily will be final and binding.

Good luck and enjoy the Harmony China Open everyone!
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