Curious about boosting rackets

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Dec 2022
I've seen many people recommend to boost DHS Huricane 3 Neo rubbers, I wanted to know what do you guys think about this setup.

So my idea was the Viscaria with DHS hurricane 3 neo FH and BH, being boosted by Falco Tempo Long Booster + Falco Optimum Glue ( I heard this best glue+booster combination for chinese rubbers). Because Booster makes the sponge softer and then Falco Optimum Glue makes the sponge harder, so comes back to a balance, But does it work with Viscaria?, I don't much about this, but I'm so curious about all these things. And also what do u guys think about using Haifu Seamoon + DHS Aquatic Glue No.15. Is this combination better in this case?

Also doing this with Viscaria, is it neccessary to apply a lacquer, or nope?

I know I'm asking so many things in just one post but omg I'm so curious and interested about all these stuff. Thanks for reading guys :)
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Aug 2021
For Hurricane, Seamoon will boost the rubber a lot better than Falco. Falco isn't really strong enough.

If you want, Hurricane on both sides is fine.