Dan in real, serious match recorded last week!

Hi tt guys, last weekend I attended a Bristol OpenUp tournament which Dan helped set up and run. He also entered the tournament and I managed to record the last set of his semi final match against top England ranked player Liam McTiernan.
Say what you think and be brutal if necessary:D

If you are wondering why it's called an OpenUp tournament, all proceeds, over £1k, went to the charity Young Minds UK.

We’re leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges. We’re here to make sure they get the best possible mental health support and have the resilience to overcome life’s difficulties.
The crisis in children and young people’s mental health is real and it is urgent. More children and young people than ever before are reaching out for help with their mental health. But for those who take that brave step, help is much too hard to find.
Together, we are changing this. We’re fighting for young people’s mental health. Join our fight.

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says New website is LIVE!! Hope you all like it 🔥


says New website is LIVE!! Hope you all like it 🔥
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Haha @Tinykin you caught me in the act!

Thanks for recording the last set, it was a great game, really enjoying playing competitively again. Theres nothing better than playing in a close, hard fought match! It was for a great cause and a really enjoyable day!

Nice ace ! Dan 10-7 up what happened!

I really have no idea, I started seeing victory! Liam did play very tight and solid in the last few points.

I'd say Dan will need to improve his backhand attack more consistently and powerfully. It looks like his opponent exploited his weakness in backhand in the last few points and occasionally in the game.

I agree, backhand needs to be worked on, bit to passive in the pressure moments.

Nice game Dan! Sadly u didn't manage to close the match. You need faster shoes buddy! ;-)

Haha any advantage I can get! I need rocket boots!

Dan played some British league recently as well and his team (TTDailly) was doing serious damage there in the B division. Maybe he's making a proper comeback to competitive play? Liam McTiernan is a top 30 ranked English player.

Hey FruitLoop, you're right I'm currently playing in British League for TableTennisDaily, it's a lot of fun and very good level of competition. Making a full comeback is going to be tough on my back but i'm managing it pretty well at the minute to play league :)

Good luck in Brit League to FruitLoop!
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Good video. Obviously I'm sure Dan would have liked to pull it out but when it's 3-2 | 12-10 in the final, really that's about as even as it gets. IMO not really about one player better than another. Just who happens to hit a few of those critical final hits in or not. Could be different next time.

I'm a big, big proponent of using your timeouts to kill momentum. I'm not sure if Dan had one already but when you're up 10-7 in the final and it gets to 10-9, for sure time out. Let them think a while on that they can't have one error.


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Of course Dan is hot. He's been training with Timo, Gauzy, Drinkhall, Tiago, and anybody else who gets a new endorsed blade.
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says I would recommend all wood. Samsonov Alpha sgs is the...
says I would recommend all wood. Samsonov Alpha sgs is the...
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Hey Dan, go to a chiropractor if you haven't already.

My wife's brother is a chiropractor and on occasion he cracks my bones back into place. According to him table-tennis is especially a sport where you can get your bones out of alignment because of the very concentrated spring-like movements if your motion is not perfectly fluid.
Once I had a slight pain in my back and I went to him and he immediately said "It's your topspin". He could tell, from the place where something moved slightly out of place, exactly where my motion was causing stress.

It's especially important, I think, because really bad injuries, inflammations and pains tend to come from repetitive stress on places where things are not properly aligned, even a tiny bit. For example, someone who has flat feet and doesn't use proper shoes will destroy his knees completely in very short order, because the patella won't be exactly aligned properly with the groove of the bone.

Also many people (if not most) carry with them some deformation they pick up due to sleeping a certain way, or some bad movement they made sometime in life, and they don't even know about it, but it causes stress in joints and muscles where things aren't properly aligned. So in general it's good advice to get some bone-cracking on occasion.

So in short, see a Chiropractor :)
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Nov 2017
Very nice, good technique, but the problem is, as allways, for someone that dont play and practice daily, is the footwork and the agressiveness.

Despite that, we can see Dan was an awesome player when younger.

When you come to Portugal, please send me a message, I would like to show my club and make a practice with you and my Kids.
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says Shoo...nothing to see here. - zeio
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