DAN PLAYS REAL MATCH! | TableTennisDaily Team | Ep 8


says editing a big TTD Team episode... stay tuned 👀


says editing a big TTD Team episode... stay tuned 👀
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I’m quite impressed Dan. You should be playing as 1 or 2 in your team.

Haha thanks Martin, I'm just happy to have made the team atm :D

Another good episode!

Thought Danny was crumbling like a cookie in that last match... but he managed to adjust, relax and outlast the other guy. Looked like his opponent had been relying on Dan to miss more shots, and when the ol' boy began landing them, he took a lead the villain couldn't come back from!

Some let downs from the BACKHAND blaster, but still a well done episode with good tension, build up and of course -- that DONKEY OF THE DAY!

Yeah I managed to calm down, the first set I was going for everything and I couldn't land.. the luck in that second set also helped me get through. Crazy game!

The pocket rocket will be back :)

What equipment are you using Dan? Well played btw :)

Hey BiGuang, at 57 seconds into the video I talk about my setup.

Dan the TT Merchant, under time and production pressure, DELIVERING THE FREEKING GOODS !!!

Haha love it Der, the goon squad will be proud!

So training with the best from the planet finally paid off .
Great play

Haha thanks Bobpuls! I've been training a lot with Tom and Ringer recently before going into that match. Lots of multi ball aha!
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Jun 2016
Interesting that dan is using innerforce alc now.

Especially given the fact that in his latest tutorial video with Tom he was playing with a Viscaria with the lense at the back :cool:
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says The trick to lose the sight of big picture is to focus...
says The trick to lose the sight of big picture is to focus...
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Team TTD is awesome! These series really showcases your passion and commitment to the game. I am an instant fan of this series and couldn't wait for more. This time around, your opponents were real good and they deserve an applause for their game. I really liked the way the left-handed player Neil Charles played his game. Since he is not in best of his shape it was very interesting to see his choice of serves and follow ups. It would also be a very good idea for TTD Academy to come up with a set of tutorials which can be targeted towards players who are amateurs but would like to play a more strategic game which is based on clever serves and follow ups rather than a complete young man's game.