Darius Knight Multi Ball in China


says New website is LIVE!! Hope you all like it 🔥


says New website is LIVE!! Hope you all like it 🔥
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This summer England's Darius Knight (World Rank: 239) travelled to China for the China Open 2011 Pro Tour. On route to the Pro Tour Darius practised from the 10th-28th August in the Chinese National Junior 2nd Team. Below is part 1 of the video that Darius sent me. Knight is training for the London 2012 Olympics and has been doing major ad campaigns with Coco Cola and Cadbury. In a recent article by the sun (9th Dec 2011) Darius expressed how he hopes "there will be a new spin on the sport in time for the 2016 Olympics - when he believes he will be at his peak".

Darius Knight is moving table tennis forward in Britain - TableTennisDaily


Photo by: insidethegames.biz

Video sent in to TableTennisDaily by Darius Knight

If you would like to ask Darius Knight any questions post them below and Knight will get back to you as soon as possible :)

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Weight lifting isn't necessary until you reach a certain level in your game. If you weight lift too early you will lose muscle memory of strokes and such. And if you weight lift too much you will strain your muscles, restricting them from flexibility shots. A lot of weight lifting is unnecessary in TT. Mostly leg workouts are most common. While isometrics and resistence training is best for arms, shoulders, and back. While core and chest is where you'll weight left upper body wise.

If you want to weight lift I would suggest you work on toning rather than building muscle. You want low weight, but high repetition.