Der_Echte Blade Challenge All 4 Blades Comparison + Remarks

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Hi Everyone,

This thread is for me to make my comments discussing all 4 blades in the same place to make it easier to see what each blade maker did, how I could operate each blade, what stood out on these blades, and for anyone to say whatever about these.

For the people new to TTD, Der_Echte ran a "Blade Challenge" asking for the participation of custom blade makers to make a custom blade where I would make some very specific requirements, some with a wide range of tolerance, some with zero to little guidance, and a decent description of what I wanted the blade to feel like and do. Four custom blade makers indicated they wished to participate and I stated I wanted this done for a $100 USD top budget for each blade. I left it to the blade makers to show their craft and abilities.

Why would I run such a challenge, when I am already a TT equipment distributor, have access to a gazillion blades, and since I am the friend of the world's largest TT EJ, TTD member erm, why would I want even MOAR blades?

Well, it was to provide an extra special opportunity for the custom blade makers to shine, simple as that.

Having done what I did, I really did not full grasp what kind of wonderful STORIES and MEMORIES came out of this thing, so this was 10k value-added event.

Challenge Invite: Challenge to Blade Makers - Blade Design/Fab (

Requirements: Blade Makers' Challenge - Custom Der_Echte Blade Requirements (

Chase Blade(s): CCBladecraft: Blademaker Challenge (

Jin Sukizawa's Blade: Blade Makers' Challenge: Jin Sukizawa's blade (

SDC's Blade: Blade Makers' Challenge - SDC Blade (

Nate's Blade: Blade Makers' Challenge - Nate (

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Chase Blade. Chase made FOUR blades for the $100 USD. I tried them all out very hastily at JZ's Citrus Heights TT operation... such a quick test can often show the truth quickly since you have to focus. I could counter LIKE A CHAMP with any and all of the blades. Over time, I ended up using two of them... the real fast one, I did not like feel of the carbon on my lesser impacts. When simply going for it on counters and my first fast attack on a dead serve... I could hang with the big boys. The SLOWER blade, that Chase said was ALL+, but likely was a blade with GEARS ranging from OFF- to upper end of OFF... now this blade I could play with much better feel and do all my strokes more intuitively with better feel. I know he drilled 3 holes in hte handle, but knife makers do that stuff too and it adds stability to those knives... he also BURNED some special initials and commemeration of the event on the bottom of the handle, see the pic in his thread.

There was a session where I thought I was picking up Nate's blade, but was playing with Chase's slower blade...I played an hour+ with it, thought it was playing a little slow, but was doing everything it should... put it down for an hour, then when I was looking to give Nate's blade some play, I discoveed I was using Nate's SLOWER blade the whole time. That told me something. (That means something real good, pls do not misunderstand)

Perhaps a more telling thing is that TT member erm came on a visit, tried this slower blade from Chase, and indicated he really wanted this blade to use and clone for another TTD member. FOLKS, when TTD memebr erm says the blade is not just a keeper, but WANTS it to be used for reproduction, then you KNOW you made a great balde.

Jin Sukizawa's Blade: Might have been the most stunning handle you see on a blade in the pics. I named the balde the Blue Abyss before I even touched it. I reckoned I would be sending opponents to the Abyss after unleashing the blade on them. With my standard rubber combo, this thing was SUCH A BOSS OF COUNTER TOPSPIN. My practice partner Scoobie Doo Tsos who is WAY OVERDUE to register and start talking on TTD, he never saw such balls smoking right back on him before. I had to confirm to him afterwards that I did not break into the private stash of a baseball player's steroids or eat some special mushrooms... all the other shots had touch and feel. This blade was easily a keeper. My first heavy slow topsin, prolly my mist used and valuable shot, was easy to do with this blade. What was special is I had the same only slightly vibratey feel on the huge power counter... was not expecting that and it was real good.

SDC Blade: Sergio based in Portugal had an unfair advantage over most blade makers as he has been an active participant on TTD and has seen enough data on Der_Echte to know just what the doctor ordered. His handle art exceeded everyone in thought and execution. He was the only one to name the blade and put that on the blade face like he was making a commercial production blade like the big boyz. His blade top end was a little slower than most, prolly reaching the kinda upper part of OFF with my standard rubbers. I could do everything with the feel and control I like... with consistency... but when I slapped Nexy Etika 47 on that 47... well on counter tospins, I could absolutely CRUSH it and MAKE THAT PUPPY BARK OUT LOUD. This blade, just like every blade from this challenge, is gunna encourage me to counter tospin more.Do not be fooled by SDC Blades' somewhat slower blade for this effort - Sergio knew EXACTLY what was required, BEFORE I made the requirements. This blade performs even if it is a "slower" blade somewhat.

Nate's Blade: He came in kinda heavy with his effort.. 114 grams or something like that... well, I guess that means he has been actively reading TTD over the years and knows when I say 100 grams I mean something a lot heavier. He warned me the blade was gunna be a little heavier, expressed concerns about what would cause which (negative) effect as a result of trying to keep it light... and I told him to strive for the initial intent to achieve the feel and performance requested... and just let the chips fall. I guess he let a lot of chips fall as this was hands down a blade that could perform with any and every rubber I put on it. It simply did every shot hw I liked it blade had the right feel and performance accross every kind of shot I do a lot. I slapped Etika 51 on FH and it is still there to this day. When I visit Bat Area and meetup with another TT friend (who also should register and discuss TT - he has a LOT to offer for sharing)... when I visit, somehow, I think he is gunna like this one.

For the record, Sergey Tsos, the guy I sound a lot of stuff off of, he played every one of these blades and it did not take him long to figure out each one could deliver the goods.

I am Der_Echte, and I approve of this message.
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