Different Strokes difficulties

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Good day to everyone. i'am a player without a coach for now (i had 1 who thought me for 4 years but didn't take it seriously back then which i regret so much). when i do drills in clubs, blockers have difficulty blocking my spin to the right position they say the spin that i apply on the ball is Sidespin. which i also have difficulty following up because the ball curves back to me when it gets back.

i was taught to delay the ball after the bounce to get a better spin . but i notice that it is more forward spin than a loop drive. i don't know if this is because Primorac off+ is too hard. i cant afford to buy a new blade so i would like some advice what kind of stroke fit best with the primorac off+ so i can adjust my gameplay and practice. Thank you in advance.
here are my two cents ........Have you tried to take the ball earlier , between 1 o clock and 2 o clock in front of your body , that should solve your side spin problem . Also, for a few days try to keep your wrist firm till you get the timing right.
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says Grand Consultant to the Office of Goon Squad
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Dude, I got a Primorac Carbon as a backup bat with Aurus and I can spin the daylights outta the ball. Nothing wrong with even the OFF+ Primorac Carbon bat to make spin, many top Div 1 Korean amatures use that blade.

Heavy spin comes form being in position, on balance, on time, wide stance, use whole body (with good snap of wrist to finish), hit ball in effective impact zone, have excellent bat acceleration with resultant fast bat speed at impact, and of course everything has to be done with correct timing. Getting right those things is a lot more important than where on the bounce you take the ball. Such a thing is more important based on what kind of shot you want and how you want to pressure opponent.

If your partners have problems blocking your balls, tell them to block it right off the bounce. In blocking, one must get right up to the ball to make it easier to control it. You also get better possible angles and time pressure on opponent blocking right off the bounce. The spin will not bite as much when you take it early. Plus, when you step properly and are still on balance, then you SEE THE BALL better, that counts for a lot.