Dimmed lights on Durban sporting arena.

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says Fair play first
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Jan 2012
Yes, dimming lights on the margins of arena is a common illumination for circus inner hall. For the better pleasure of spectators. Same is the lighting scheme adopted for Durban sporthall playing zone.

The table placed in the centre of curcus arena. Copenhagen Royal Circus hall 2002.

Circus arena best fit for playing exhibition table tennis.

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The problem with the lighting wasn't dimming the background areas for arena effect... it is that there are too few lights too bright without diffusion and reflection from roof and walls... very poor light distribution, big time glare zones, and shadows of player and table everywhere.

Sure, they MIGHT have achieved the requisite LUX reading of light at the table top, but sacrificed nearly every quality of light to get to that end.

That venue would be WAY easier to see the ball with 1/3 the LUX light intensity at the table, but with more lights at less power and diffused.

Shyt, even at SPiN NYC, when they dimmed the lights down to under 50 LUX at the table, I could see the ball so damn well and when they had it at 400-600 LUX, it was hard to pickup ball impact and track the ball.

One could get an idea of good light distribution by walking down the shopping hallways of Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas... they have ZERO direct light shining to the hallway, but aim light upward to ceiling (colored light blue) and light bounced back to hallway with WAY better distribution and quality.
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Your two examples exemplify the problems that ITTF have. The two examples are permanment light solutions for arenas having a fixed purpose. So plenty of time for the lighting people to design and adapt the lighting arrangements and design.
For the Olympics, again huge money available and plenty of time for resources to be applied.
For WTTC, very difficult for ITTF to bring off on their own. They have my sympathy this time.
BTW, one of the best lighting I've seen is from an exhibition match in the sixties. It was between Marty Reisman and another top USA player. But yet again it was a big studio with obviously top technicians available.