Ding Ning using a Carbonado at China Open!

says So many upsets lately
says So many upsets lately
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Oct 2010
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Hi folks I've just tuned into the women's final at the china open and it seems Ding Ning is using a type of Carbonado. Looks like a Carbonado 45?

Anyone know the reason for the change? Ding Ning is sponsored by DHS so this doesn't make much sense? Especially with the event being in China for fans to see.

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Jun 2014
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Ding Ning is not sponsored by DHS for her blades, her previous blade was Stiga Ebenholz.

In the commentaries of this match, Adam Bobrow said it was for more speed with the new plastic balls,
And it's true that almost of all the women CNT members has gone to carbon blades now.
I don't see one with an allwood balde anymore (??) while it was the opposite before...
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Yeah, if one followed closely the matches of the CNT Womens in recent days, you could clearly see that there are quite a few changes in equipment.
what i saw for sure was that Zhu Yuling, Chen Meng and Ding Ning all using Stiga Carbonado 45 now and the new shooting Star Sun Yingsha a Carbonado 145 if im not mistaken (i think, i saw a Black lense on her blade)

Liu Shiwen is using a Hurricane Long V now - at least the handle appears as one

this is what i saw at least
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Mar 2015
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Is there still anyone in the CNT who is using an allwood balde..?? (men or women)
(only Xu Xin I can see... and well, don't wanna "talk" about FZD blade... ;) lol)

We can talk about FZD's blade now. It's very clearly a Viscaria. But if you search for 'FZD blade' in the forum you will see an excessive amount of post, so don't talk about that.
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Jun 2016
it is carbonado 45, the white lens is the proof. strange. ebenholz 5 seem harder and faster than that.

i noticed tje cnt switched to carbon blades after ding ning said miu hirano was to fast and powerful when she beat ding ning at the asian championships. now ding ning, chen meng, zhu yuling are using the stiga 45, sun yingsha is using 145, liu shiwen is using the ma long v blade. she changed blades because she has seen to many foreigners using her blade so she wanted to change. that was her reason. the others i am not sure. the blade must feel good?? and have little more spin/speed?? ding ning looked amazing and fast at the china open. same with zhu yuling.
says ok, I will go back and make sure you have access. Be...
says ok, I will go back and make sure you have access. Be...
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Nov 2010
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I read somewhere that LSW use a DHS blade at China Open. If true, I wonder how that works with Btfly? Maybe her contract with them is up and DHS will pay more?